More and more people who come to Poland for tourism or because of economic reasons decides to settle in Poland for good.

Entering into marriage with a foreigner in Poland or with Polish Citizen abroad and residence legalization for family members requires the fulfillment of a lot of formalities. To respond to the highest expectations of our clients we provide comprehensive legal assistance in this matter.

Entering into a marriage with a foreigner

Persons wishing to enter into marriage in Poland are obliged to submit to the Polish Civil Registry Office the following documents:

  • birth certificate (the document must be presented with a sworn translation into Polish),
  • identity document (ID, passport, residence card),
  • certificate issued by the authorities of the foreigner’s origin country confirming that he/she has the capacity to enter into a marriage under the law of his/hers country.

Temporary residence permit on the ground of marriage with a Polish Citizen

As a spouse of Polish Citizen foreigner is not automatically allowed to stay on the territory of Republic of Poland. In order to legalize the residency it is necessary to submit the application for temporary residence permit. Spouses of Polish Citizens are able to use a simplified procedure of residence legalization. Also they may submit an application for a temporary residence permit even if their stay in Poland is illegal.

In the course of the proceedings, during the interview, the Voivode will verify if the marriage was not concluded only to legalize your stay in Poland. This type of permit is related with additional entitlements. Spouses of Polish Citizens are allowed to perform for without a work permit and to conduct business activity on the same ground as Polish Citizens.

Getting marriage abroad

To get marriage abroad it is needed to provide certain documents to the competent authority or Civil Registry. Collecting all necessary documents might often be difficult, due to the residence abroad.

One of the required documents is a certificate stating that under the provision of law you have the capacity to enter into marriage. For each particular case we recommend to contact the competent authorities before which you are willing to enter into marriage, to get a comprehensive information.

Protection of family life

The European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms ensures the right to respect each individuals family life. The right to respect the family life applies not only for marriages but also partners being in informal relationships, divorced parent who does not live with the child but remains in contact with one and other family members being closely interrelated. The right to respect the family life can be, in some circumstances, the basis to legalize the residency in Poland and also a ground to oppose the decision obliging a foreigner to return to the country of his origin.


  • comprehensive legal assistance in proceedings of residence legalization for family members,
  • help in obtaining the documents form other institutions
  • assistance in the proceeding for authentication and legalization of documents (including apostille)
  • representation before administration authorities
  • legal services in English

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