The rules and conditions of foreigner’s enter and stay in the territory of Poland are determined by the provisions of law and individual situation of the foreigner. The correct interpretation and application of these regulations is very important issue, as each person who crosses the border or stays in Poland illegally might be exposed to the legal liability.

One of the negative consequences of the illegal stay in Poland is starting the administration procedure for establishing obligation to return to the country of the origin and the re-entry ban, preventing re-entry into the territory of the Member States for a specific period.

Our aim is to support you with the correct assessment of these legal provisions. We provide legal assistance at each stage of visa procedure from preparing a visa application to representation before the administration authorities in the appeal proceedings.


Visa is a document which allows to legal border crossing and stay on the territory of Poland (national visa) or Schengen Area (visa Schengen). It is necessary to obtain visa before crossing the Polish border. The visa application must be lodged at the Polish Consulate. Both national and Schengen visa can be issued for a different purpose for example: tourism, performing work or conducting business activity. Depending on the reason of your visit the requirement for obtaining each type of visa are diversified. In case of refusal of issue a visa you have a right to submit an application for retrial the case.

Invitation for the foreigner

The invitation is a document confirming that the Polish citizen or a legal person (the inviter) has financial measures sufficient to cover the cost and expenses related to the foreigner’s stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland. This document confirms that the inviter is able to cover the costs of foreigner’s accommodation and stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland, but also the cost of a return travel to the state of origin or residence. The inviter is obliged to prove that he has the appropriate financial measures and submit an application to register the invitation in the Voivodship Office. The invitation may be attached to the visa application.

Temporary stay

Temporary residence permit is an administrative decision entitling to stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland. It can be issued if there are circumstances which justify your stay in Poland of at least 3 months. The requirements which you need to meet to get the temporary residence permit are diversified and they depend on the reason why you want to stay in Poland. The application for temporary residence permit should be submitted no later than on the last day of your legal stay in Poland. If the application is submitted on time and it is free form formal defects, your stay in Poland is legal form the day of submitting the application until the day on which the decision becomes final. Temporary residence permit can be issued for the maximum period of 3 years. If you will get a positive decision you will also get a residence card. Residence card is a document which allows to travel within the Schengen area for 90 days during all subsequent 180 days counted form the date of the first entry to another country of the Schengen area.

Permanent stay

Permanent residence permit is a type of a permit which is given without a time limit. However, to get this permit it is necessary to meet restrictive conditions. The major requirement connected with obtaining permanent residence permit is to stay in Poland legally for the certain period. Additionally it requires previous stay in Poland on the base of temporary residence permit. After being granted with the permanent residence permit, the foreigner will get the residence card, that need to be renew every 10 year.


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