Henclewski & Wyjatek Law Firm was established in 2010.

The time which elapsed since then, allowed us to gain experience necessary to give our clients legal assistance in hiring foreigners and help them to settle legal aspects of their residence in Poland and other countries which are members of Schengen Area.

We specialize in migratory issues – residence legalization and employment of foreigners in Poland. Our main clients are entrepreneurs who hire foreigners, foreigners conducting business activities in Poland and the foreigners who decide to come to Poland for tourism, studies, to start a family life or perform work.

We are aware, that immigration law is a very fast-growing branch of law. We are keeping track on the newest regulations, in order to be able to provide our clients with legal solutions customized for their needs.

Our main goal is to provide our clients with a comprehensive legal assistance in  the matter of residence legalization and employment of foreigners in Poland.  We strongly believe that performing our work on the highest level will also result in  the advancement of knowledge about immigration law.

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